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Michele Therien

  I just love Dr. Gallagher. He took over from our beloved Dr. Glick, who personally searched until he found the right person to fill his gig when he retired. He hit the jackpot with Dr. Gallagher. I have had to go to other dentists throughout the years only because my job took me far away. Now that I'm back home, I was thrilled to find that Dr. Gallagher accepted my insurance. I would go to no one else and trust no one else to do as good as job as he.

courtney zalewski

  I came to Dr. Gallagher from another dentist in Westminster who had just been OK. I learned that I had 4 cavities I needed filled and was very nervous being my first ones in many years. My old dentist did little to ease my fear and anxiousness. I called around and found Dr. Gallagher on Google. I decided to give them a try. Right away they were very eager to listen to my needs and do what ever they could to get me in. Once I arrived for my appointment they took me back, talked to me about my teeth and why I was there. I explained to Dr. Gallagher my fears, he kept calm and put my mind at ease. He seemed to understand my anxiousness and completely countered it. I felt no pain at all and the hardest part was just keeping my mouth open for the work to be done. It was easy. They have very cool technology to show you on the computer screens your before during and after pictures of what your tooth looked like. I will definitely be changing dentists!

Gregory App

  I was new to the area and picked this dentist solely based on the mustache I saw on Google. I knew I was right to trust my instincts because they do good work. Staff is friendly and at least one of the Docs is an alright guy. Haven't met the other.

Busy place, but for good reason. If you're a new patient call well in advance of when you want to come in.

Jamie Johnston

  New patient, great first experience. No wait time, extremely thorough cleaning and exam, very friendly staff, easy to get the appointment time to fit my schedule, text reminder a few days in advance of my appt., up to date with all the latest technology. Will definitely continue on as a patient.

Kristine Gould

  Dr. Gallagher and his staff were very friendly and professional. I had a sensitive area and they showed great care with the cleaning of my teeth. I had learned that at age 49 I had developed my first cavity. I felt very comfortable through the whole process and my mind was put at ease with the compassionate attention from the staff. I thank them for a pleasant experience and highly recommend Dr. Gallagher for any dental care.

Anna Curtis

  Dr. Gallagher has been my dentist for the last seven plus years. I remember bringing my newborn in with me to my first visit... They have been awesome with my son since that day. Ms. Debi does a great job keeping my son comfortable during his cleaning (never mind how they always end up talking about dogs :) I know my son will not have scary dental experience like I did in the 80's. After almost every visit with my son, I send the staff a thank you note. Now I can just write my thank you note on here!

Dr. Gallagher has been fabulous with me too. The minor work I've had to have done is short, simple, and sweet. Although I do not find the work sweet, it is a breeze with the Dr. Gallagher and staff.

In all honesty, I do not mind my dental visits every six months. (Unlike the 80's!) My son does too - which is an even better!

Caryn L

  Dr. Gallagher and his staff are true professionals. I recently had a cleaning (that was past the 6 month norm), and did not have any tenderness or discomfort at all. In addition, Dr. Gallagher replaced a childhood amalgam filling (that was over 30 years old) with a composite one. I have never had a Novocaine shot that I did not feel, nor have I had a "drill and fill" that did not leave me sore later that day, and sometimes into the next day, but with Dr. Gallagher's work, I felt perfectly fine when the Novocaine wore off within a couple of hours. The new composite filling feels great in my mouth, and looks like a tooth, not a blob of filling material! I also have some upcoming crown work needed, and was very pleased when Dr. Gallagher offered an option of a Maryland Bridge, rather than a more expensive, more "final" implant at this time. This is a testament that the care and needs of the patient come first!

Justin Emminizer

  I have been going to Dr. Gallagher for a few years now, and I do not think I could find a better dentist!

The location is great, and the office is always clean! It is staffed by friendly and accommodating people that are truly pleasant to interact with. Their organization level is exceptional, as well! I receive texts and emails alerting me that my appointments are coming up. This is much better than having to take phone calls, personally, since I am usually quite busy during the day and unable to do so.

The quality of work that Dr. Gallagher and his team put forth is never lacking, and is simply exceptional. All issues are well explained, and they work with you to help discover the best option to remedy them. I have all types of work, from cleanings to crowns, and the level of quality never lessens! Dr. Gallagher himself will take time to reach out to his patients and make sure they are doing well after their work. It shows a sincere passion and caring.

And as a man of facial hair myself, I can respect a man who puts effort and time into the growing and maintaining of said facial hair. And Dr. Gallagher's mustache is prime and glorious example of this. Well done, sir. Well done.


  Last year I was getting married & had some severe dental issues. I went to Dr Gallagher & within 2 months (due to my scheduling & wedding planning) I had a beautiful smile!!! Because of my teeth, I never had an open smile in pictures - but that day & since, I can't help but give a genuine smile. Thanks so much to Dr Gallagher & his great team!! They [all] are very personable & caring. If I had known my experiences with Dr Gallagher & his team would be so pleasant & PAIN-FREE - I would have had my dental work done long ago!! Thanks again!!

Lawrence Jones

  Prior to May 2013, I had not been to a dentist (except for an emergency visit to an Endodontist in 2010) in 4.5 years. I was uninsured for that period of time, and I was very skeptical of all dentists after having served in the military. The vast majority of my experiences with military dentists were bad, and at times horrifying. As an adult, I actually found myself filled with anxiety and apprehension at the idea of seeing any type of dentist. I was finally able to acquire insurance, and I somewhat arbitrarily decided on Dr. Gallagher. I couldn't have made a better choice.

Dr. Gallagher is a consummate professional, and he put all of my anxiety at ease. He provides a thorough explanation of every procedure, and he almost always follows up the following day with a courtesy phone call (to ensure there were no complications). I've never had a dentist as thorough as he is, and he has the highest and most enthusiastic recommendation that I can offer.

Dr. Gallagher's staff is friendly, well-organized, prompt, and very courteous. His office is always clean, and it is outfitted with excellent technology (specifically to suit the explanations he provides his patients for procedures). They have an excellent service that provides text messages to notify patients of their upcoming appointments. This comes in handy in the event you've forgotten the time or date.

Overall, I've been very pleased with the work and the costs that are associated. My insurance provider is notified very quickly after all procedures, and I've never had to wait for the office to submit my claims for services rendered.

Mark Hubbard

  My wife and I have been going to Dr. Gallagher for several years. He is excellent about making me comfortable whenever I need dental work performed. He takes his time to make sure that during the injection of Novocaine, the area has been pre-treated so that there is no pain from the needle. Dr. Gallagher then slowly injects the Novocaine so that the process is virtually pain-free. I have been so relaxed during procedures that I have actually fallen asleep on several occasions. Dr. Gallagher and is staff are so friendly and professional. I can actually say that I enjoy going to my dentist!

CS Connell

  Dr. Gallagher and staff care about their patients - they listen, provide advice, and provide quality service. It is a practice that is good for the whole family, from small children to adults.

Our whole family visits Dr Gallagher and we continue to receive high quality and friendly service each time we go. Everyone there asks about the family, how we are doing and our opinion of how our teeth are doing / feeling in addition to proving their services and recommendations.

Carrie Knauer

  I've shopped around at several dentists in the Westminster area, and this is the first time I've felt like I'm actually happy with my dentist rather than just waiting for something bad enough to happen to make me go somewhere else.

The staff at Dr. Gallagher's office is incredibly friendly and professional, and remembered who I was immediately from my first appointment. I love the technology in the office as well--they can take pictures inside my mouth and show me exactly what a situation is so I can feel like an informed partner in the decisions we make regarding my dental care. I broke a tooth over the holidays and called to leave a message so I could make an appointment once they reopened--the administrative assistant called me while they were still closed to let me know I should call back first thing on the day they reopened and that they would fit me in, and then when I didn't call that morning, she called me back and got me an appointment for two hours later!

They take my dental insurance and I haven't had any problems with the billing, or trouble getting appointments at convenient times. I highly recommend this office!

Kelly Heck

  I've been seeing Dr. Patrick Gallagher almost two years now (01/02/2013) and have had great experiences. His staff is very courteous and friendly, and Dr. Gallagher has been advising me on possible future needs / preventative measures. It's good to know he has my best interests at heart. Also, knowing they accept my dental insurance is great! I've saved a lot of money because of it.

On a side note, Dr. Gallagher is the organizer / chair / supporter for the Celtic Canter, a 3-mile fun run/walk in Westminster, MD. Net proceeds of the event benefit the Carroll County Children's Fund, Access Carroll, and Target Community. Knowing that I can support someone local, who also supports our community, means a lot to me! I've participated both years and it was a lot of fun.

If you are looking for a local dentistry, call his office and talk to Beate to schedule your first appointment! She's wonderful!

Andrew Boggs

  I've been seeing Dr. Gallagher for several years and couldn't be happier with my dental work. He and his entire team are friendly, professional and talented.

When one of my more visible teeth chipped (and it was a rather large, ugly chip), I was very impressed when the doctor repaired it like it had never happened. He has a great attention to detail and clearly cares about his work.

Highly recommended.

Carole Quine

  A very good experience thanks to a professional yet friendly staff and dentist. If Dr. Gallagher is a bit more expensive than other dentists (and I haven't found him to be), the added expense is worth it for the great service.